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2021 Music Concert
Heart of Korea

November 6th Saturday 4:30PM

Painted Bride Art Center

230 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

General Admission : $30

65+ & Under 10 yr. : FREE

All audience will receive a tumbler with the image of folk painting and ten 10 Symbols of Longevity ("shipjangsaengdo") in Korea as a souvenir.


*We will ask to wear a mask and bring a vaccine card with you.

십장생 텀블러.jfif


Hee-won Park (Pansori) 

Ye-won Kang (Haegeum)

Hyunjin Yeo (Gayageum)

Lisa Sung (Piano)

Jordan VanHeMert (Saxophone)

Dan Monaghan (Drum)

Jeff Padrez (Bass)

Jeff Kessler (Guitarist)

Tom and Marian Gittelman

(Guitarist & Violinist) 

KCul will host the music concert 'Heart of Korean: Tradition-Transformation' with the well-known 3 traditional musicians from Korea (Pansori, Haegeum, Gayageum) and a 5-member band from Chicago and Philadelphia and the band will re-arrange and perform Korean traditional music in jazz style) 

Diverse and rich, Korean traditional music expresses an optimistic spirit that transforms sorrow and despair into excitement and delight. This concert is based on the unwavering belief, passion, and hope that good memories have power and energy for the future. If music returns to us in person performance, it will summon beautiful    pre-covid memories and transform them into positive energy for the future!

In this concert, we shall be able to create a “connection” of people who have become distant through the social distancing that started with the pandemic and just how much we would appreciate any help you would be able to give us in our endeavors.

Leave a one-time $10 donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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