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Our Story

inclusive and multi-cultural societies, and as such is invaluable for building Asian-American.

believe that culture engages and inspires people to transcend boundaries. The connecting power of culture is essential for creating open,



Korean traditional Hanbok fashion show at Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Korean Cultural Foundation  



to assist in fostering a better understanding of the Korean culture and to help reduce the gap between first, second, and third generations in the Korean community.

to preserve and promote Korean culture and heritage; develop Korean cultural activities that is appropriate for the local community.


to keep the identity of Korean American

Member of Directors and Advising Bodies

Advisory Director

Honorary Chair: David Oh (City Council of Philadelphia)

Harris Baum (Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Korea, Attorney )
Hong Tack Chung (Former Chairman, Philip Jaisohn Foundation)
John Um (Chairman, Korean Heritage Research association, USA INC)
Jongmoo J Choi (Professor, Temple University)
Frank Chance (Adjunct Associate Professor of Center for East Asian Studies, U Penn)

Young Kim (Chair)
Julie Gittelman (Artistic Director)
Jian Seol (Treasurer)
Kristie Chung Nguyen (Director of Operations) 
Insook Seol (Executive Director)
Naimul Islam Moon (Director of Public Relations)
Hank Yoo (Director of Development)

Hyunduk Na (Education)
Kevin La (Designer)

Kate Kim (Korean Traditional Dancer)

Member of Director


Julie Gittelman

Insook Seol

Kristie Chung Nguyen

Kevin La

Naimul Islam Moon

Jian Seol

Cameron Giles

Zack Conner 

Gail Allen :

Paul Yoo (Staff)

Jasmin Lee (Staff)

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